Hey Monster Forum rules ! Please read before posting!

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Hey Monster Forum rules ! Please read before posting!

Post by Inkheart on Tue 17 Jan - 18:55

Hello, and welcome to Hey Monster forums!

Before posting, we do ask that you take a quick look at some of our rules. Much of it is common sense.

This forum carries with it some rules we would like to highlight. It is not a holistic list, and i will take action where i deem necessary.

1. No selling or transferring of accounts, nor discussions of hacking.

2. No advertising.

3. No offensive, obscene, profane, or "adult" material.

4. Please use forum tools where possible.

If you need to edit a post, please use the button. If you need to report something, please use the button. If you have a question, before creating a new topic, please use "research" bar because maybe someone already asked the same question.

5- Please don't use a too shortened, incomprehensible language. Pay attention to spelling mistakes.

If you have any requests, suggestions or feedback you would like to give, please feel free to share it here or contact me via PM and i will do my best to get back to you. Thanks!


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