[TUTORIAL] How to catch Entei, Suicune and Raikou

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[TUTORIAL] How to catch Entei, Suicune and Raikou

Post by Inkheart on Wed 18 Jan - 18:05

I think this is the most recurring question i have ever seen about this game. So what about a tutorial ?


It will be the first legendary pokemon you will be able to encounter, on ROUTE 6 at lvl 16

You will encounter him randomly in grass but there is an easier way to find him quickly !

Even with that it can be very long. If you are really impatient you can use incense. There are 3 types of incense but each can give you an Entei.  The chances are higher with violet incense.


You can find Suicune on ROUTE 14 at lvl 46

You can also have him with incense


You can find him on ROUTE 18 at lvl 58

I have nothing to add for now, I haven't caught it yet, i haven't heard about any tips to catch it. It's basically the same than Suicune and Entei

Even with all these tips it can be very very very long. You can't do anything about it, i mean it is only about luck. So... be patient and hunt these three dogs Wink

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